Brain Donation

Brain Donation

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Why Our Family Chose Brain Donation

Deb Ploetz

I donated my husband of 37 years, Greg Ploetz's brain to confirm what I already felt about his suffering from CTE, not Alzheimer's. I believe he would have wanted to further research and science to help save lives.

Jo Cornell

To answer the question of "Why?" I allowed scientific study my child's brain as evidence and to give us the reason for Tyler's ten year courageous battle. Now, I know it was CTE.

Cyndy Feasel

Grant's good friend, Keli McGregor, had died a few years prior and and donated his brain to the Boston University. I think this influenced Grant to do the same for further research about CTE, the disease that had killed other NFL players.

Debbie Pyka

I decided to donate my son's brain at the request of his older brother Tyler who was familiar with the stories and deaths of former NFL players who had previously died and later diagnosed with CTE. I had no idea at the time of Joseph's death what CTE was, but we were about to find out as Joseph had many of the symptoms related to this preventable disease. We eventually received the answer to what we suspected all along. CTE was the cause of his suicide.

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Our founders

Passionate leaders for the prevention of chronic traumatic encephalopathy and improved brain health

Co-founder Debra Pyka advocating to protect youth from preventable injuries/abuse in sports and the mother of Joseph Chernach diagnosed with CTE.

Debra Pyka

Mary Seau is the sister to NFL Hall of Famer, Junior Seau, and the founder of the Mary Seau CTE Foundation.

Mary Seau

Co-founder Kimberly Archie is youth football CTE victim Paul Bright's mom and is often called the "Mother of Sport Safety".

Kimberly Archie

Cyndy Feasel, author of After The Cheering Stops. Married to Grant Feasel for 29 years, Victim of Stage 3 CTE.

Cyndy Feasel